How to fix a Warped Door

Wooden doors are always a must-have item in the homes. A home with the well-crafted wooden doors looks exquisite and beautiful. Apart from the beauty, these doors tend to protect your house from excessive heat and air.

But, it may happen that your door expands after some time and seems to go out of shape. You cannot close the door properly and the excessive heat and air tend to get inside the home due to the improper closing of the door.


What is a Warped Door?

This out of shape door due to its irregular expansion is known as warped door. A certain area of door expands and seems to be in a distorted shape as compared to the other door parts. This causes the door to become off-balanced.


What Causes This?

This situation mostly occurs in the homes, which are too old. But, this is not necessarily the case with the old homes only. If your door has been installed in the location where there is too much moisture, then it can cause the expansion of the door which causes warped doors.

Improper finishing of the door also leads to such a problem. It doesn’t matter if your house is new and has newly installed door. If the finishing is not proper, then this will lead to the issues of warped door.


How to Fix a Warped Door?

Fixing a warped door is not a difficult task. It may seem to you that once the door gets warped, you cannot bring it back to its normal shape. But, that is not the case. These following tips will enable you to remove this issue all by yourself.

At first, you have to remove the door from its hinges without damaging it. This needs to be done with care in order to avoid any further damage. Once the door is removed, place it on the two saw horses placed a few feet apart. Then assess which part of the door is warped. Once you find the spot, place a certain amount of weight over the spot and leave it for 24 hours.

This will make the door to settle down and have a flat surface. Keep in mind that placing too much weight will cause further deformation of the door. After one day, you will see that the door has got into its normal shape.

It may be the case that the warped door is too much out of shape and placing a little weight won’t work. In that case, place wet rags or towels on the warped area and repeat this process for many days until you see the difference.